giovedì, maggio 19, 2011

Digital Opportunity

Nel novembre 2010 il primo ministro inglese, David Cameron, annunciò la realizzazione di uno studio indipendente sul rapporto tra proprietà intellettuale ed innovazione.

Lo studio adesso è disponibile online.

"Our intellectual property framework will face further significant pressure to adapt in the coming years, as we make our way into the third decade of the commercial internet. We urge Government to ensure that in future, policy on Intellectual Property issues is constructed on the basis of evidence, rather than weight of lobbying, and to ensure that the institutions upon which we depend to deliver intellectual property policy have clear mandates and adaptive capability. Without that, the pile of IP reviews on the Government’s doorstep – four in the last six years – will continue to accumulate".

Consiglio buono anche per l'Italia.

Buona lettura.

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